Sunday, January 15, 2012

Neighhhhhh, they say

About 80 equestrian trail advocates “flash mobbed at Clam Beach today,” reports Uri Driscoll. They parked about 35 horse trailers alongside the frontage road between U.S. 101 and Clam Beach/Little River State Beach, and then assembled on foot in front of them with sign boards and a petition. They demanded that Redwood State Park listen to their concerns about a trail project about to get underway along the state’s Little River stretch of the long beach.

“This is the area that State Parks intends to narrow by nearly half and install a two-foot wide bike lane and a horse trail alongside the remaining asphalt,” said Driscoll in an email following the action.

According to the equestrians, there’s a perfectly good horse trail they’ve already been using, and would like to keep using; they don’t want the new trail the state proposes to build — so why spend scarce state money on it?

Driscoll says they invited State Parks officials to come to the action and accept their petition with about 200 signatures, but received no response.
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