Friday, January 13, 2012

ACTION ITEM: Please come to Clam Beach Saturday Jan. 14th at 1 pm

We plan to have a gathering of the horse clan at Clam Beach tomorrow Saturday the 14th at 1 pm to deliver the petition to State Parks personnel and have invited the press. The press seems pretty interested in this and hopefully State Parks will show up.

What we would like to do is have any of you that can bring your horse trailers (and horses if you wish) and park along the west side of the frontage road from the north County Parking Lot (the middle one). This will be easier if you get off at the Crannell exit and come south.

It is mainly for the photo and we would love to show up in force. We will present State Parks with the petition and then we can all go riding. Should be a nice day.

Keep in mind this will carry a lot of weight into the future so please do what you can to show up. We should be done within a half hour or so.

Call your friends and you don’t need a horse trailer.

Uri Driscoll



Anonymous said...

We have a great trail that has been used for over 100 years that needs no maintanace , that is multi use as costs nothing. Why are the idiots at state park so out of touch with the public needs and desires? They are so arrogant that not only did they not show up today,they refuse to have open meetings with us or even tell us the truth about time line,funding, on going costs. They have violated their current coastal permit on several counts and are putting the public and habitat at risk.

Anonymous said...

What a great turn out today at the beach. Where was the state park people ?

Anonymous said...

Good coverage on page 6 sundays TS

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to call state parks and complain. Loud and strong. Then call County of Humboldt public works and Supervisors and tell them to tell state parks if they don't stop this BS the county will support other joint management issues anymore.